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Please find answers to frequently asked questions below. Feel free to click the links for quick access to topics.

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Who is my team lead?

How do I submit content?

STEP 1: Visit the menu button on the top right side of the screen. Once the side navigation menu opens, click "Submit a Post."

STEP 2: To submit an article, select enter the URL on the "Submit a Link" tab and select "Preview." If you are submitting an image-only (e.g. a note card), select "Submit an Image."

STEP 3: Select the appropriate tag(s) for your post. This is especially important if you are sponsored by one team but submitting a post to another group. Also, select which image from the original article you would like included displayed with the article preview. 

STEP 4: When you are done making change, click "Submit."

After your post has been submitted, the Community Managers will review your submission and decide whether or not it will be published into the community. 

I submitted a post. What's next?

Your post must be reviewed by a content manager. If the manager determines that your post should be published, it will be accepted and made available for others to view. Please allow a few business days for your content team to review your post.

I know of a great blog that I want included on the hub. What should I do?

You can submit individual posts into the hub by using “Submit a Post”. If you believe that the majority of the blog’s content is appropriate for the hub, please reach out to the team lead listed on the Contact Us page that most closely fits the topic of that blog and request that it be added. The lead will determine how best to proceed.

How do I share content?

STEP 1: Click on the “Share” button within the post tile of the article you want to share. If you have  already shared a post, it will be flagged with a special message noting the number of time you shared it. You are free to share those post again, as desired.

STEP 2: 

  • In the share dialog box, personalize the share message to fit the channel you select, taking into consideration tone and character max, as appropriate. You can use the same text for all networks or create custom text for Twitter vs. other social channels. You may also notice pre-populated text on some posts with suggested hashtags, @ mentions, or other text that you may choose to use. 
  • Choose the channel(s) where you want your post to be shared. You can connect additional channels by clicking “Add Channel.”
  • Schedule the post to be shared at some point in the future or click Share to post immediately.

How do I schedule a share for later?

On the "Share" button, there is a drop-down that allows you to select one of two options: "Auto Schedule" or "Set a Time." To set the time with one click, select "Auto share". As soon as you select that option, you will see a confirmation screen with the day and time that your share will be sent. To control when the post is shared, select "Set a Time" and enter the scheduling information accordingly. 

I shared a post, but the link on my social channel doesn't work anymore

Please reach out to your lead, as the post may have been removed. Click here to find your team contact information. 

Why can't I share to LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn has announced the universal deprecation of its LinkedIn Groups API. This will affect any technology tools that automatically post to LinkedIn Groups on behalf of any user. LinkedIn’s change impacts all integrators. Voicestorm (the tool that powers Get Social Hub) and all similar services no longer have access to this integration option.

With VoiceStorm, however, users do have alternatives to sharing and most importantly, tracking content that is shared. One such alternative is Voicestorm’s “Share by Link” option. Users can get a shortened link for any post that can be used anywhere – including LinkedIn Groups. The shortened link will track audience clicks for the post + sharer. You can find this link by clicking the link icon at the top right of the post you wish to share.

Sharing via link

If you want to share beyond your Facebook/ Twitter/ Linkedin channels, you can click on the link icon at the top right of the post tile. The system will generate a shortened link which you can send wherever and however you please. The system will capture how many times that link was clicked, and you can find these stats on the "My Shares" page here.

Where can I see history and performance for posts I already shared?

Click on the menu button at the top right of the screen, then click "My Shares" or click here. You can also see the posts you have scheduled that have not been posted to your social channels yet by selecting the "Scheduled" tab in this section.

My points don’t seem to be updating. What is happening?

Point are provided for actions such as sharing, submitting content, and special challenges that are sent to participants. If you are completing these actions but are not seeing your points update, double-check that your channels (e.g. personal Twitter or LinkedIn accounts used for sharing) are active. If you recently changed your password or the network has asked you to reauthorize your channel, you will likely see a red icon next to the channel when you try to share. Click into that icon and reenter your credentials. That should reauthorize your account.

If your points still are not updating, please clear your browser's cache and reload the site. If this does not correct the issue, please contact help@dynamicsignal.com. 

When I log in, the screen shows a points value that is different from what is shown on the leaderboard. Why is that?

The points total that you see when you log-in reflects awards from your all-time activity in the hub. The amount that is reflected in the leaderboard(s) might only be for a specific period of time. Please refer to the “Since” date listed above your leaderboard to confirm the dates for which your points are reflected.

I forgot my password!

From the log-in page, click the link “Forgot Password?” Or click here if you are not logged in to the community.

How do I update my profile information, channels, and other settings?

Click on the menu button at the top right of the screen, then click “Settings” or click here.

How do I download the Mobile App? 

Click on the menu button at the top right of the screen, then click "How to Access the Mobile App," or click here.

I have another team member who would be great for the hub. How can I invite them?

Users in the hub are handpicked and sponsored by different teams. However, this does not mean that if your teammate is not in the hub already, that they cannot be added. Please see the team leads listed on the Contact Us page. If you have a team member that you believe should be included in Get Social Hub, please contact the lead for the team that most fits them and note the invitee’s name and email. The lead will determine if there is available space to accommodate the user.

Where can I find the Tweets in the news feed?

Normal (non-social) posts are prioritized and will display first for you. If your team is also publishing tweets and there are recent ones of interest, you can click the Twitter icon above the newsfeed (tile-style section with all posts) to view that content. If the Twitter icon is not populated, then there are not recently published tweets. 

How do I interact with social posts on the news feed?

You are able to engage with any social posts from the news feed, as long as you have connected that social channel to your account. For example, if you have a Twitter channel connected, you are able to reply, favorite, or retweet a Tweet directly from the news feed. Just select the button for the action you want to take and complete the steps, as normal.

I am on one team but also want to see content from other teams. How do I do that?

Click into the other team(s) from the drop-down menu above the news feed. 

I'm in the wrong team/ I'm not seeing content for my team

Update your division by clicking into your Settings here and accessing the "Account" tab. Click "Edit" in the Divisions section and update your Division selection.

You can also find content for your team by clicking in the drop- down menu above the news feed, then clicking on your team name. 

When my coworker logs in, he/ she sees different posts than me. Why?

The system will display a customized feed depending on the member's team. Each team will see content that is relevant to that team. If you wish to see content relating to other teams, please click on the drop-down menu above the news feed and select your team of interest. 

I can't find my verification email.

If you have not verified your account, you can re-send the verification email by clicking "Resend verification email" at the bottom left of this page here.

I'm new to the hub, where can I find information on Voicestorm?

Click here to find information on how to get started. 

What is an activity and why does it say I don't have any? 

Activities are special challenges that your team may choose to use. You can check you activities by clicking "Activities" from the side navigation menu, or by clicking  here. 

It looks like something has changed, is there a new feature? 

Please reach out to your team lead if you have any questions on this. Click here to find your lead's contact information.

It says I can't connect this channel because someone is already using it!

Only one user may connect a channel at a time. If own a channel and it is in use by another member, please reach out to your team lead. Click here to find your lead's contact information.

Who is my lead? Who should I contact with questions?

Please always reach out to your team lead first. Please click here to find your lead's contact information.

*If you have any questions that you were not covered in the list above, please check out our Support Center here.